October 24th, 2017

The restaurant will be temporarily closed while Spring Hill Management has the kitchen, snack bar and downstairs bar areas cleaned and repaired.  While this is taking place we have a limited amount of snacks and beverages available at the golf shop.

The kitchen has to be completely dismantled due to the condition it was left in by the restaurant group that was renting the space from Spring Hill Management.  The cooktops, fryers, broilers, ovens, pots, pans, cookware, dishes and flatware were all left in a condition that is unacceptable.  We have had a cleaning crew working daily for the past 3 weeks to get the food and beverage operation back up and running.  

We anticipate it could take another 3-4 weeks until we have the snack bar open for business again.  We will offer a limited menu of food and drinks to our members and golfing guests once we are able to re-open.

The commercial kitchen will remain closed for the time being.  The cost to clean and repair the kitchen has been significant and Spring Hill Management is looking very hard at whether or not renting the kitchen out to another Restaurant tennant is a viable option.  

The Event Center remains unchanged and unaffected by the restaurant closure and the kitchen closure.  All food for Event Center has been through third party catering companies for the past year.  This gives our customers endless food options for their unique events.

Thank you to our membership and the community while we struggle through this difficult situation in our restaurant and snack bar operations.

Spring Hill Golf Club Management.

Here are  a few pictures showing the magnitude of the kitchen cleanup and repairs.




All equipment has been removed, dismantled and cleaned inside and out.  Taking 30-40 labor hours for each piece of equipment to properly clean and repair.