Weekend Pool Hours:
Lap Swim: 7 -12 Noon (unsupervised)
Recreational Swimming: 12 noon - 8:00 pm
 (both pools open, guard on duty until 6pm)

Weekday Pool Hours:
7:00 -10:00am, M-F: Adult Lap / Water Aerobics (unsupervised)
Lessons: 10-12 noon (except Wed., no lessons, due to Jr. Golf / pool maintenance)
Recreational Swimming: 12 noon - 8:00 pm (both pools open, guard on duty until 6pm)
Weekends: 12 noon - 8:00pm: Recreational Swimming, both pools open (guard on duty until 6pm

Pool Pass only good from Memorial Day through Labor Day of 2018.  No access to Fitness Center, clubhouse locker rooms, golf discounts or Event Center customer discounts do not apply.

*Closing hours may vary due to weather*